The Workplace Toilet:

As is - the worst part of your day.  


With Toilet Taken App it will become the best!

No More Toilet "Standoffs", We Promise:


1. You will never walk in on or have a co-worker park up at the stall next to you while you are using your work toilet. You will sh*t in solitude.


2. After your morning coffee, you will know if the coast is clear to head to the toilet or if you should wait for 5 minutes. 


3.  Our system is anonymous! Nobody will know it is you using the toilet.  They will just know not to come in there! 

There is one toilet most of us use more than any other toilet.... the work toilet.  From 9-5 during the week, it is your refuge, your place of solitude, peace, and time to spend looking at your iPhone.  That is until a co-worker happens to come into the bathroom at the same time and parks up in the next stall over. Toilet Taken App changes all of that.  Toilet Taken App guarantees that you will never have a shared workplace toilet experience.